Natural beauty solutions for dry skin

Top tips for quick home-made beauty fixes

Across the world, we spend billions – yes, billions on beauty. Face creams, hand creams, body creams, eye creams – ranging from small money to eye-watering investment.

Then there are treatments, procedures and programmes to factor in. But, for some of us, when time is short or the budget limited we have to think more creatively.

The Sassistas have scoured the internet and old beauty books from the 1940’s and 50’s to find quick fixes for when our Annie Recommends products are not an option or you just want to go pure and make your own. We have kept to simple principles - quick, easy and effective. We have tried and tested reach recipe and can speak for the effects.


Dry skin

Dry skin is very common in older women as our changing bodies and hormones reduce the amount of natural oils. For many of us, the horrors of teenage oily skin are a long lost memory. Instead, we face tightness after washing, fine lines and even dry, flaky patches. Our skin is assaulted by chemicals, pollution, stress, air conditioning. Even worse, many of the ingredients in some beauty products – parabens, preservatives and perfumes – may even be bad for our skin. 

So what if you were to take a more natural approach and use the tried and tested recipes which made our mothers and grandmothers skin glow with natural youth.

The ingredients are simple and can be obtained through a good chemist, or through Amazon. With essential oils – go for good quality and smell them before you buy. You do not want to put something on your face which doesn’t smell good to you.


 Morning Cleansing – Essential Oil Facial Wash

  • Tub of aqueous cream (dirt cheap from any chemist)

  • Rose or jojoba oil

  • Sterilised jar – the prettier the better

Fill the jar with aqueous cream and just add drops of your chosen oil and mix until it is the strength of smell you like. Use just as you would an expensive facial wash.


 Evening Cleansing – Glycerine and Rosewater Cleansing Splash

  • Handful of food-grade dried rose petals

  • 200 ml filtered water

  • 1 bottle of glycerine

  • 2 drops rose oil

Steep the rose petals in the water for two days. Strain water through a tea-strainer or muslin to ensure it is quite clear. Mix with the glycerine and add the rose oil. Put into a sterilised bottle, the prettier the better. Keep in the fridge. Just put onto a soft cloth or cotton ball and wipe away the days grime without stripping your skin.


Face scrub

  • Mix fine oatmeal and a little of your glycerine and rosewater into a paste and rub in circular motions all over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes area. Wash off with warm water.



  • Mix a few drops of your rose oil or jojoba oil into plain Witch Hazel for a gentle toner which will clean without removing natural moisture from your skin.


Face masque

  • Clear, firm honey

  • Almond oil

Mix the honey and oil together to make a thick paste. Use a good hairband to cover your hairline. If possible, steam your face first with hot water infused with a few drops of rose or jojoba oil then pat dry. Smear the masque over your face, then lay back on a towel covered pillow. Relax and feel all that goodness feed your face for about 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water and tone with Witch Hazel.

Another recipe suggested half an avocado mixed with honey – though we think the avocado will do more for your skin if you eat it. The flesh is jam-packed with vitamins and good fats which will give a burst of nutrition to those skin-cells.


Facial moisturiser

If you have very dry skin, then try applying a tiny amount of natural plant oil such as coconut, sweet almond or avocado oil. However, if you have a tendency to shine then you might want to try a more complex recipe.

  • 4 oz of shea butter (a little expensive, but sooooo good for your skin)

  • 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil

  • 10 drops of your favourite essential oil for skin – choose rose or jojoba for nourishing, frankincense for soothing, lavender if you are prone to spots

  • Sterilised moisturiser pot

Melt the shea butter over a low heat (do not boil or burn it), add the almond oil and essential oil.  Cool it down by putting the pan in the fridge for 15 minutes or until it becomes solid (not hard). Now use your electric whisk to whip it up into a thick cream. Put in the pot and you are ready to go. Use this cream in very small amounts – a dab will go a long way.


So, beauty products are not just the preserve of big business and brands. Sassistas are a pragmatic bunch and we can whip up a storm of goodness for our skin.


Our next mission is to find natural recipes for oily or problem skin. If you have a natural beauty remedy that you love please let us know and we will feature it in a future article and give you full acknowledgement.

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