100 day challenge – another month another improvement

 Well I cannot say life has become easier, but my skin has still improved. This week saw me back with my face in the box to see if my face had aged, remained or reversed. On the whole it was good news.

Samantha, the therapist, started with lines and then went deeper into the underlying structure of my skin.

Lines – while there are some deep lines with which I have lived for year, these have softened. My hydration lines are reduced, but show I need to take in more liquids as the heat increases over the summer.

Brightness – a real improvement on last time. My skin is lighter and brighter.

Pigmentation – no deterioration which is a huge plus as, being very pale (I have two colours: white in summer, blue in winter!) I tend to freckly up in the summer. Seems the Environ sun screen is doing its job.

Underlying redness – still needs work around the nose and chin. However, I need to accept that I wrecked that part of my face as a teenager by slathering my spots with peroxide based spot creams. So the skin is thinner. Nevertheless, I have noticed that the Environ Colostrum is reducing redness in the day.

Porferens – stable

As before, I went on to the luxurious hour of an Environ facial. I even fell asleep. This time, Samantha upped the hydrating serums and focused on those tiny lines around my eyes. When I looked in the mirror after they have definitely reduced. The impact of the facial carries on working for weeks after the treatment – so onwards and upwards.

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