Home-made Night Time Body Balm

Part of your Microbiome balance plan

An essential part of balancing your Biome in the New Year is to get plenty of restful sleep. In addition, you should not be lathering your skin with chemicals and parabens which are known to upset the microbiome.

This gorgeous body butter will not only balm your skin into beautiful softness but the lavender will relax you and assist you in getting off to sleep.


150g almond oil

75g coconut oil

75g beeswax (get pure - not out of a furniture polish tin!)

10 drops of lavender oil. Make sure you buy high quality - not lavender scented oil.


To make

Either create a bain-marie by putting a glass bowl into a saucepan of gently simmering water (make sure the water cannot go into the bowl) or use a double boiler. Simply put the almond and coconut oils, along with the beeswax, into the bowl and wait for them to melt. Take the bowl off the heat and whisk using a mini hand-whisk, adding the lavender oil as you whisk.

Put into a pretty jar and allow to cool.

This in an oily lotion, so use sparingly and then wrap yourself in cotton pyjamas. Snuggle into bed, breathe deeply – doing 10 minutes of mindfulness if you can – and sleeeeep!

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