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Sassy Looks - Product tests

We don’t sell products. We sell hope’. Founder of Revlon

The Sassistas believe that hope alone is too expensive. We want products that work and make us feel good. The Sassista panel is a wily bunch.

We are too busy to be pampered like poodles but we still want to look good. Every few months we will take a product type and test two each. We want good, honest results and bit by bit, we will cover every inch of our bodies. We report back on results and no more. We have no commercial links to beauty companies and no incentives for our reviews. It is just honest, real-woman testing for products which promise the hope to Stay Sassy.


If you are a women over 45 and you want to…

  • Grow your mind
  • Love your body
  • Care for your soul

Then this is the online magazine for you. We will bring you fresh ideas, practical advice and something to think about. But do not expect fluff and kittens. This is where handbags meet hardball advice and attitude.

"Live the life you have imagined". Henry David Thoreau

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Olivia Hale Eyeshadow Soft Pecan




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