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In our twenties, relationships were all about romance and getting the right partner. In our fifties, relationships are about marriages which may be less than sparkly, second marriages and the step-kids that come with it; friendships; dating when everybody else seems settled; saying goodbye to those we love. Relationships are complicated, wonderful, stressful and rewarding. Dip into the articles below and find either inspiration or the realisation that you are certainly not alone.

Grey Haired and Scared Part Four - Top Tips for Navigating a New Relationship

Our previous articles have covered the road to a relationship – getting back into the dating game, presenting yourself, the first date. But when a first date leads to a second and a third and talk begins to move towards future plans and possibilities, then you need to navigate the next stage – the stage of ‘this just might be a relationship’ stage.

Grey haired and scared part three – top tips on managing the first date

The best advice I ever had on dating was from a sixty year old man. ‘Men are rubbish when you first meet them. You need to give us a chance to stop talking bollocks and show who we really are.’

He was right. But all good advice tends to fall away when you walk through that door to your first date. No matter how you have been connected – whether by friends, internet, chance encounter on a train or agency, the feeling is just the same as when you were sweet sixteen. Will he like me? Will he fancy me? Will I like him? What should I say? Will he be ‘the one’?

Grey Haired and Scared Part Two – Top Tips for Getting Going with Dating

We had such a reaction to our first article, “Top tips for dating after 45”, that we have decided to do more on the subject. It seems there are thousands of Sassitas out there looking for romance, friendship, companionship or just sex. Whatever your dream, you need to go out and find it as knights in shining armour rarely turn up on the doorstep unless you live in a Disney movie.

Bear, Rob Titchener and the HijackalsTM Trap

Sassistas let out a long groan when Stephen Bear, an under-educated, over-confident little boy from Walthamstow bounced out of the House having been declared the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2016. Why?

Create Your Mate

In our article "Top Tips for Dating after 45. Grey Haired and Scared" we made a point of the importance of seeking a mate who suited your soul rather than your eye (though both is good).

Grey Haired and Scared Part One - Top tips for dating after 45

Can I ever date again?

Who said love is for the young? Forget this rubbish about being over the hill, too old for romance; too droopy for sex.

There are women out there as active as teenagers (but with the wisdom to get it right and know when it is wrong).

Couples Therapy – Can you do it yourself?

When Marcus Barzun, US Ambassador to the UK, mentioned he and his wife attend couples therapy, he probably did not expect to hit the headlines or be splashed into a full page spread in the Times (Tuesday 5th July, 2016). Maybe coming from America where ‘therapy’ is generally more accepted as part of a normal approach to wellbeing,

The BREXIT divorce – a lesson in negative thinking

‘Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today… and it will be pure H-E double L for me’.

 Well the last week in British life really has brought Tammy Wynette’s words to life. 

The majority decision to exit the European Union

Angela Epstein says her friends make her frumpy. Really?!

‘Now don't get me wrong. I love these girls to pieces,’ chirped Angela Epstein in the Daily Mail (May 12th) having just claimed that ‘my three frumpy friends who make me feel, and look, every year of my near half-century’. 

Loneliness – is it breaking your heart?

Recent research by UK Universities (April 2016) has reached a conclusion which is both sad and alarming. Loneliness is linked to a 29% increased likelihood of cardiovascular ill-health. It seems that being alone with no friends or contacts is literally breaking hearts.

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