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Staying Sassy is not just about your face and clothes. It is about how you feel, think, believe and live. Today’s hectic pace often means we forget about ‘me’; have no self-time and rarely relax. Staying Sassy is about looking after yourself and creating Sassy Space for that person so hidden inside to flourish.


Do you have metabolic syndrome? Because most people who do…don’t know.

Six steps to managing metabolic syndrome

Research suggests that 20-25% of adults worldwide have this cluster of risk factors and a whopping 35% of US adults. Undetected and un-managed it is a sure-track to diabetes, heart disease and other cardio-vascular illness.

So what is it?

Hotel Review

The Maritime Hotel

Southwell Park, Portland, Dorset, UK, DT5 2NA

There's nothing like getting away from it all for the weekend, so when we see great deals on sites such as Travelzoo, Groupon and Wowcher, we Sassistas are quick to take advantage of these hot offers.

Menopause Madness - Libido: Top Tips for Getting the Spark Back into your Love-Life

Many women find the menopause has more than a physical effect. Pulled down by confidence, sapping weight gain, hot flushes and fatigue, the last thing they want is a hot and steamy session between the sheets. As one of our interviewees said, ‘All I want at night is an ice-pack – not a man!’

The day after the night before

Top sassy tips for hangover cures

Well we really have to start with the obvious – don’t go there. As Sassy women, the hard reality is that being drunk at 20 is cute, at 30 it is about being a good laugh, at 40 it is looking a little jaded and at 50 it invites looks of sympathy mixed with embarrassment (for you!).

Menopause Madness - Top Tips for Managing Free-floating Anxiety

The menopause brings on a raft of anxieties: Will I have a hot flush in this meeting? Will I get through the night without waking up ten times in a swelter of sweat? Will my stomach bloat if I eat a morsel? But what about free-floating anxiety – those nasty, troubling thoughts which get into your head and bring you down; which grow into a pseudo reality and sap your confidence? 

Menopause Madness - Top Tips for Dealing with Mood Swings

Have you had it yet? The red mist of a menopausal meltdown? One minute you are calm, polite, reasonable, even adorable. Then something happens. It doesn’t need to be a big thing.Maybe the cat throws up on the kitchen floor, your partner puts a red sock in the white wash, the kids are just a little loud, the washing up isn’t done or some idiot has raided the fridge and eaten the ingredients for your well-planned Friday supper.

Menopause Madness – vaginal dryness

Yes, we know. Nobody wants to talk about their erstwhile love tunnel turning into a sub-Saharan no-go area. But it happens to woman of all ages and for pre- and post-menopausal women it happens to more of us more often. A survey reported by NHS UK claims that 84% of menopausal women find sex painful and, of them, 70% say their relationship has deteriorated.

Menopause madness – the Menopause Magnet

Can a little magnet really stop the hot flushes and hot flashes?

As promised, we are looking at all manner of menopause solutions. This month we have tried the menopause magnet, a small device that attaches discreetly to your underwear.

Sleep your way Sassy

Are you getting enough sleep? Or do you…

Hyperventilation – are you breathing yourself into a panic?

Hyperventilation or hyperventilation syndrome is a common symptom of stress and it affects many thousands of people, though they often do not even know they have it. A consultant doctor recently told the Sassistas ‘Most of the stress symptoms I see are down to poor breathing.’

Cool nights – A guided visualisation treatment for managing night-sweats

Many peri-menopausal and menopausal women report that night sweats are more debilitating than hot flushes as they are not only uncomfortable, but disrupt the sleep we so need to manage the rest of our hormonal systems.

Menopause Madness – Night Sweats

7 top tips for managing hot flushes at night

There’s no putting a positive spin on menopausal night sweats. Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling like a furnace in a shower is not fun. Changing your PJ’s for the third time makes you grumpy. And how do you manage that ‘come hither big boy’ look while preparing your side of the bed with two sweat-soak towels?

Mind over Menopause

Guest blog by Pat Duckworth, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, award-winning author and international public speaker, expert on menopause management.

Menopause, for most women, is a natural phase of life that occurs as the level of your reproductive hormones decline in your forties and fifties. Of course it can occur earlier due to illness or medical treatment.

Adrenal syndrome – is stress making you fat?

Adrenaline is good…it makes you get up and go, run when you are threatened, find that spurt when the pressure is on. It is a survival hormone and we all need it. But what happens when we live a life which

Menopause Madness – Hot flushes and flashes

Are you ashamed of being a menopausal women? Do you try to hide your symptoms like a dirty secret? Do you feel our declining oestrogen is ruling your life and your mind? If so, you are certainly not alone.

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