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As we get older those lean limbs of youth seem to slip South to be replaced with the ABC of middle age – aches, bulges and cellulite! But stop. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Read on for ideas and real stories to inspire you to put Sass back into that body. Whether you are a first time exerciser, a seasoned (if irregular) gym-bunny or a walking embodiment of tone we look at what you can do to Sass that Ass.

Mind over Muscle

A female body-trainer’s words of wisdom on flat abs

By Tara Leyden

Over 80% of the people that come to me in the gym for advice want a flat tummy. Let’s point out first that we women tend to have a naturally slightly rounded tummy. This is because our muscles bend out to give space for a baby.

NPA Success for Tara

Would you like a body that is toned to perfection? Would you like to see muscle instead of bingo wings and thighs with not so much as an inch of cellulite? Do you believe it is impossible to have total tone after forty? If so, read about Tara and think again.

Fitness trackers – friend or foe?

Whether it be Fitbit, Fitbug, Jawbone, Garmin, Samsung Gear or an app on your phone, the latest must have fitness technology is often the talk around the Sassy office! Wherever we go to business meetings those trackers are apparent on most of the wrists around the room – though recent reports indicate that many people stop using them after about 4 months.

Top tips for trimming those thighs in ten days

There is no escaping the fact that thighs after fifty are rarely the slim, trim pins they used to be. The author’s ‘face up to it’ session in front of the mirror revealed a depressing vista of skin akin to batter mix, above knee creasing, saddle bags which would fill jodhpurs and inner thighs reminiscent of lava flow. It seemed a hopeless battle, but could she make a difference in ten days?

Top tips for keeping going with exercise and diet

Last month, our resident trainer, Tara Leyden, took us through changing your head in order to change your body. This month she tells us how to keep going!

Too many people exercise for two months and then give up. There are all manner of reasons – time, boredom, disappointing results and for some of us….just preferring to sit down.

Five top tips for beating the bingo wings

So summer is here, the sun is out and sleeveless tops are beckoning from the back of the wardrobe. But what about the bingo wings,

Staying Sassy experiment: Can you fight the belly flubber in 10 days?

The answer is: You can make a good start

Having completed the ten day tummy tuck and reduced her tum by 9 cms, this Sassista was ready to take on the big squeeze – the roll of determined flubber which had clung 

Top tips for getting started with exercise

Our resident trainer, Tara Leyden, takes us through changing your head in order to change your body.

There are so many different reasons why people don't get started, and with all of them the underlying word is Fear. Fear of the diet, fear of the gym, fear of getting on the

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